The Verdi's burning tale of witchcraft, murder and recompense

Sydney Opera House - Sidney - Australia (2022)

We design the stage for this adaptation of Verdi’s “Il Trovatore” by director Davide Livermore at the Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House

Verdi had a taste for high drama, and “Il Trovatore” has all the hallmarks of a great story, enhanced by monumental digital stagecraft: a love triangle, an intergenerational quest for revenge, and a woman willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the man she loves.

The set design and digital content we imagined are appropriately dark and disturbing. The front panels display vibrant tarot cards, foretelling the Gypsy’s prophecy. The bright reds, pinks, greens and yellows match the costumes and acrobatic physicality of the Roma circus company. The grandeur and performativity of the circus contrasts with the monochromatic visual images of a war-torn cityscape in the background.


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