A melodrama in four acts directed by Davide Livermore with scenes by Giò Forma.

Teatro alla Scala - Milano - Italy (2021)

A dystopian, anguished, soul-destroying city is the backdrop for a society where personal humanity is banished and sacrificed to the system of power and profit.

Skylines of overturned skyscrapers, multiplied perspective distortions and labyrinthine visions, metropolitan places and non-places including a tribute to the city of Milan.

The augmented reality –  adopted by director Livermore for the first time – makes this adaptation spectacular with enchanted forests, large avenues, an elevator or the sleepwalking scene in which the protagonist sings suspended on a ledge.

“MACBETH”, Melodrama in four acts, book by Francesco Maria Piave, music by Giuseppe Verdi, directed by Davide Livermore, scenes by Giò Forma.




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