I Shardana 2013

(Gli uomini dei nuraghi)

Teatro Lirico, Cagliari - Italy (2013)

Director Davide Livermore, starting from the historical reconstruction of the Nuragic civilization, whose origins are still shrouded in mystery, worked with Giò Forma to bring ancient suggestions to the stage with very modern techniques; on the one hand the Nuragic bronzes, present on stage and replicated by the warriors and dancers covered in clay, on the other the videos that act as a backdrop and enhance the drama.

Those are scary rocks and overhangs that originate from a single and central scenic element, which moves and transforms beaten by the fury of the waves, here a mysterious atoll under the night and starry sky, there a bloody gallows or funereal monument in the tragic epilogue of death.

Maestro concertatore e direttore: Anthony Bramall

Regia: Davide Livermore

Orchestra e Coro della Fondazione Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, Maestro del Coro Marco Faelli


Production design, videodesign D-wok

Costumi Marco Nateri

Luci Loïc Hamelin

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