Everything is a stage

Everything has the potential of becoming a stage, a show, an emotional experience of pure magic. Magic has the potential of changing our points of view on reality; this way we can try to change our way of thinking and acting towards the future. We fill the gap between the viewer and what they are viewing, through experience engineering and deeply meaningful storytelling.

Key Competences

  • Urban Architecture
  • Residential Architecture
  • User Journey Experiences
  • Land Art Architecture
  • Iconic Landmarks
  • Interior Design
  • Set-Design
  • Hospitality
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Retail Design
  • Infrastructure

Main Achievements

  • Guiness World Record
  • Architizer A+Awards
  • WAF shortlist
  • Aga Khan shortlist
  • AIA


About Us

Giò Forma was founded in 1998 in Milan as a Design, Artist and Architect studio, by Cristiana Picco, Florian Boje and Claudio Santucci.

The three partner team run an international multidisciplinary and award-winning studio with a team of 20 professionals operating all over the world, and have become European leaders of architecture, set & production design.

Giò Forma’s work ranges from large-scale International events to exhibitions, architecture, Opera and set design. The studio has worked with MTV International for over 20 years creating set designs for live and prerecorded shows, creating wow factor moments for the MTV Europe Music Awards outside broadcast stiows from city locations such as Rome’s Colisseum, Belfast, Madrid, Athens and Milan.

For the World Expo 2015 in Milan, Giò Forma was part of the creative direction for Italy, winning International acclaim for Its design of the EXPO landmark “THE TREE OF LIFE”, as well as designing the Italian Pavillion. The studio also specialises in concept & show design for major outdoor and indoor shows, working over the years with many artists and in various challenging iconic locations, stadiums and arenas. Some of the recent shows included italian artists like Andrea Boccelll, Vasco Rossi, Lorenzo Jovanotti, Tiziano Ferro as well as internationally known artists such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, Linkin Park, Jennifer Lopez, R.E.M, Duran Duran, Black Eyed Peas, Chainsmokers, Enrique Iglesias and much more.

Giò Forma designs and takes part in the creative direction for fashion shows and events of brands like Giorgio Armani, Marni, Roberto Cavalli, Bikkemberg and Versace besides creating interior design of stores and pop ups for Bulgari and Emporia Armani. In 2017 Giò Forma designed the stage and structures of the stage for Pope Francis ceremony in Monza in front of 700,000 people. The studio does production design for operas working in some of the most prestigious Opera Houses around the world, including La Scala in Milano, The Bolshoi in Moscow, The Sydney Opera House, the Opera of Barcelona, The Opera House of Oman, The Sao Paolo Opera House, The Opera of Monte Carlo, and will be working on operatic commissions over the next 3 years in Los Angeles, Beijing and Astana. On the architectural side Giò Forma was internationally awarded for Maraya Concert Hall in AIUla, Saudi Arabia, winning the Guinness world of record for the “biggest mirrored building in the world”; as well as for the Cartier Pavilion “legendary Thrill” during 2018 Design Week in Milan and Lumen, the museum of Mountain Photography in Brunico.

The Team

Francesca Bortolan


Niccolò Piccardi

Senior Set Designer

Sofia Muzio

Architect & Project Manager

Tommaso Foschi

Lead Designer & Architect

Niccolò Franceschini

Lead Designer & Architect

James Klein Holliday

Lead Designer & Architect

Luca Bertolotti

Senior Set Designer

Jacopo Zibardi

Senior Exhibit Designer

Joyce Bonafini

Senior Designer

Giammaria Farina

Architect & Set Designer

Simone Schiavone

Senior Graphic designer

Silvia De Toni


Guglielmo Rocco

3D Artist

Alessandro Gazzillo

3D Artist & Parametric Designer

Giulio Padovani

Designer & 3D Specialist

Claudia Frassoni


Gianluca Malagoni


Sanad Wir


Edoardo Marchesi


Marta Bertoletti


Yanha Lilla Yankowski

Graphic, Copywriter & Strategic Designer

Federica Sammartino

Visual Artist & Interior Designer

Lucrezia Gino

Visual Artist & Motion Design

Giuseppe Marchica

Architect & BIM Specialist

Mirko Sciarroni

Architect & Exhibit Designer

Alessia Ghilardi


Tetyana Adriana Bakalyar