Elisabetta, regina d'Inghilterra

Rossini Opera Festival

Vitrifrigo Arena - Pesaro - Italy (2021)

In a palace with glass walls, built creating suggestive effects of depth of the scene that deceive the perspective, not the war against Scotland but the last months of the Second World War are raging: the profile of a majestic royal deer immersed in the mists figures from the Symphony as a warning of a return to nature that clashes with the images of war transmitted on the LED walls, with an unstoppable coming and going of maids and butlers flitting from one room to another.

All is set in a London devastated by war with a Royal Air Force patrol, in a continuous rebound from the musical dimension to the overbearing and preponderant one of the images.

Elizabeth, Queen of England, drama in two acts with a libretto by Giovanni Schmidt – staged by Davide Livermore, scenes by Giò Forma.

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