Campari "Discover Red" Party.

76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes, 2023

For the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Campari embraced its presence with the vibrant event “Discover Red,” drawing inspiration from core values like passion, creativity, and iconicity.

Set amidst the striking backdrop of the Hotel Martinez, guests were invited to embark on a captivating multisensory journey centered around the theme of #RedPassion, every glamorous moment of the event was accompanied by stunning visuals, captivating the senses of all attendees. However, the pinnacle of the evening was undeniably the dinner experience.

Guests were initially taken aback as they settled in at what appeared to be an ordinary table, only to discover that it was an LED table in disguise. This ingenious setup transformed the culinary journey into an immersive spectacle, with video content enhancing each dish and drink presentation, offering a truly unique sensory encounter enriched with captivating contexts and origins.

As the evening unfolded, attendees were treated to the iconic Negroni in the lively party room, where they relished the delightful combination of flavors while being enthralled by a mesmerizing performance from dancers enveloped in a stunning projection of graphical visuals meticulously crafted for the occasion.

Creative direction by GiòForma, production event by NoLoop 

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