Campari Cannes Film Festival.

A multifunctional space on the Croisette beach design for Campari.

Croisette, Cannes (FR) - 2024

Giò Forma returns for the third consecutive year to the Festival de Cannes with an ambitious project: the creation of a multifunctional space on the Croisette beach for Campari.

This two-story building boasts a 360-degree panoramic terrace offering breathtaking views. On the ground floor, it hosts a lounge that transforms into a club as night falls, ensuring a vibrant experience both day and night.

The “Campari Room” provides a multisensory immersion, engaging visitors in a unique and unexpected journey.

Additionally, the project includes a 360-degree bar located on the terrace, allowing guests to enjoy drinks while taking in the Cannes atmosphere from every angle. Another bar on the ground floor completes the offering, ensuring full dining service on both levels.

The Campari party has become the “place to be” during the Cannes Film Festival. This year, Giò Forma once again handled the event’s design and creative direction.

When the sun goes down “The Cinemathéque” party immersed guests in an active film set, featuring various interactive experiences that allowed attendees to create engaging content and feel the thrill of living the actor’s experience for a night. The two-story building was transformed into a landmark on the Croisette with dynamic lights and show-stopping visuals.

Inside, there was a club, a private area with a 360° terrace offering panoramic views of Cannes, an outdoor dance floor, and a beach and pier set up to enjoy Cannes from a unique perspective. Event design and creative direction were managed by Giò Forma with the support of Andrea Celi, and production by No Loop.

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