A Technological Journey through the Portici of Bologna

For the second consecutive year, almost two kilometers of Bologna's “Portici” will be illuminated as a tribute to the city

Festival dei Portici, Bologna (IT) 2024

For the second consecutive year, the two kilometers of Bologna’s “Portici” will be illuminated as a tribute to the city, enriched by three immersive installations by the artist Philipp Frank. The event is conceived by italian songwriter Cesare Cremonini alongside Giò Forma studio.

This year, during the Bologna Portici Festival 2024, Cesare Cremonini once again expresses his affection for his city by lighting up almost 2 kilometers of its iconic Portici. The installation, designed by Cesare Cremonini alongside Giò Forma studio, will extend along the 666 Portici of San Luca, from the Arco del Meloncello to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca, and will be open to visitors from June 4 to June 9, 2024.

This year’s “journey” pays homage not only to Bologna and its inhabitants but also to Guglielmo Marconi on the 150th anniversary of his birth. The renowned Bolognese scientist and Nobel laureate will be celebrated with a concept that highlights the discovery of the electromagnetic wave through a flow of images, lights, and sounds.

The second edition of this beloved event is enhanced by the contributions of German land-light artist Philipp Frank, known for his projections that combine nature and architecture.

Three installations have been created along the route: the first greets visitors at the beginning with 3D holofans that create holograms along the first 60 meters of the Portici. The second installation, halfway through at the Orfanelle curve, is an extraordinary visual spectacle that merges nature and surrounding trees through projections and lights, repeated in a loop every minute, accompanied by an original soundtrack composed by Cesare Cremonini. Finally, just before reaching the sanctuary, within the portico, visitors can admire the third immersive video installation, offering a unique sensory experience that completes the evocative artistic journey.

The porticos of Bologna, with their historic and unique architectural structure, represent an invaluable cultural asset. This system of arches and loggias, which extends for over 38 kilometers throughout the city, has recently been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This year’s technological installation not only physically illuminates the porticos but also sparks the imagination of visitors, creating a dialogue between the past and the future in a context rich with history and significance.

Artistic direction: Cesare Cremonini and Giò Forma

Lighting Design: Mamo Pozzoli

Land-light art: Philipp Frank

Holograms: GOATYOU SRL

Production: Marco D’andrea @ Front Row Production and Samantha Garofalo

Service equipments: Event Management

Speakers: RCF