Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale.

Unveiling ceremony

Alfa Romeo headquarters, Arese (MI)- 2023

At the Alfa Romeo museum in Arese (MI), the curtain has risen on the new 33 Stradale, an iconic car from the 1960s recognized as one of the most beautiful vehicles ever created. The unveiling of this new Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale was met with significant media attention, partly due to its limited production run of just 33 units, all of which were sold out in just 7 weeks.

The grand reveal took place at an exclusive event on August 30, 2023, celebrating both automotive history and modern craftsmanship. This event highlighted the legacy of the original 33 Stradale while showcasing the advancements in design and technology that Alfa Romeo has achieved over the decades.

Enthusiasts and collectors from around the world eagerly anticipated this moment, and the swift sell-out of all units underscores the enduring allure and prestige of the 33 Stradale name. This launch not only honors the past but also sets a new benchmark for luxury and exclusivity in the automotive world.