La Nazione delle Piante.

A spectacular and fascinating learning journey through an immersive experience of the green world

Triennale, Milano (March/September 2019)

La Nazione delle Piante was a scientific outreach exhibition held at Triennale Milano and curated by Stefano Mancuso, one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of plant neurobiology.

The fundamental premise of the exhibition was that one way to avoid a catastrophic future for humanity is to look at plants in a new way, using them not only for what they can offer us but for what they can teach us. Plants have existed on Earth much longer than we have, are better adapted, and will probably outlive us: in their evolution, they have found solutions that are as efficient as they are non-predatory towards the ecosystem in which we live together with them. The most recent studies on the plant world have shown that plants are endowed with senses, they memorize and communicate with each other, and therefore can be described as intelligent organisms in every respect.

La Nazione delle Piante revealed its nature through a spectacular and fascinating imaginary, a learning journey through an immersive experience and multimedia content.

A cura di: Stefano Mancuso
In collaborazione con: Blue Joint Film
Supervisione artistica: Marco Balich
Executive Producer: FeelRouge Worldwide Shows
Exhibit Design: Studio Giò Forma
Content Design: Mauro Belloni

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