Esselunga has celebrates its 60th anniversary with an exhibition-event.

29th November 2017/6th January 2018, The Mall, Milan. (2017/18)

S like Esselunga and SuperMostra.

It was back on November 27, 1957 when, in Viale Regina Giovanna in Milan, the first Italian supermarket opened with the famous elongated S which would later become a timeless icon. Today it is possible to relive those retro movie atmospheres, without necessarily having to show off flared trousers.

To welcome the visitor, once past the entrance with the trolleys and checkouts from the 1960s, was an immersive show, to relive the opening of the first shop and the emotion felt by the customers of the time who, for the first time, visited they were faced with such a rich assortment of products.

The exhibition continues in the following rooms and stages the most important events that marked the evolution of large-scale retail trade: the opening of the delicatessen counters, with the first dishes ready in the 1970s, the revolutionary advent of the bar code and the birth of automated warehouses in the 1980s.

1995, the year of the introduction of the Carta Fìdaty and Punti Fragola, which brought exclusive design objects into the homes of Italians. There is also an area dedicated to large communication campaigns: “Quality is something special here”, or “Famous for quality” with famous characters including “John Lemon”, “Aglio e Olio”, “Mago Melino”, “Buffalo Bill”.

The history of Esselunga does not only speak of the evolution of large-scale retail trade but tells of the change in the habits and lifestyles of Italians: from the opening of the first delicatessen counters, to ready-made first courses, to the introduction of the bar code up to the birth of automated warehouses. Not to forget the introduction of the Fìdaty Card and Fragola Points which brought exclusive design objects and made them accessible to all of us.

The SuperMostra was born from an idea of Esselunga, but the concept was developed by Andrea Baccuini, Mauro Belloni and Studio Giò Forma and the event produced by FeelRouge Worldwide Shows.


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