Mont Blanc Infinity Room.

At Skyway Mont Blanc a surreal room is inaugurated for all the mountain lovers

Skyway Monte Bianco - Courmayeur (2023)

Mont Blanc Infinity Room has open on December 6th 2023 at Skyway Monte Bianco, Courmayeur’s panoramic cable car.

A small technological refuge has been installed at the Pavillon station at 2,173m, capable of transporting guests to live the mountain dream. Through three large LED walls, positioned on the front wall, on the floor and on the ceiling and a clever play of mirrors that cover the entire environment, the Giò Forma team with director Andrea Bettinetti have recreated the emotions of entering a glacial cave , to fly over the summit of Mont Blanc or to lose yourself in wonder in an autumn forest.
The shots were taken over the course of an entire year by a team of drone operators, photographers and video makers who are very passionate about the mountains, because only those who love them can observe them in this way. A huge heritage of images with an artistic and real edge, in a surreal room.
Visitors to the highest cable car in Italy will no longer have to fear snow or rain or low clouds or leave with the regret of not having been able to enjoy the beauty of other seasons. At Skyway Monte Bianco the wonder is infinite.


Skyway Monte Bianco is not just a cable car, it is an idea: bringing man closer to the mountains and the sky, broadening horizons and overcoming borders. A technological marvel of Italian engineering that offers an unforgettable travel experience, capable of involving all the senses, accompanying them towards the closest point to Mont Blanc, to reach where the gaze is lost. Located in Courmayeur, in the heart of the Aosta Valley Alps, the four cabins are panoramic structures that gently rotate 360° throughout the entire climb, offering a unique view of Mont Blanc and the surrounding peaks such as the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, the Gran Paradiso and the Grand Combin, accompanying visitors to the last station at 3,466 meters in just 15 minutes.

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