Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale.

Enhancement of the masterplan

Ryad, 2024

Giò Forma, in partnership with Black Engineering, has designed a careful enhancement of the Diryha Biennale masterplan, launched during the second edition of the Riyadh Contemporary Art Biennale on February 19th 2024.
Located in the JAX District, this project aimed to enhance the cultural landscape of Riyadh, and for this, we implemented significant enhancements to the Biennale Foundation; this effort included the construction of 4 new buildings: a reception area, a bookstore, a bar and a restaurant.

The concept behind the design of the Diryha Biennale Store is rooted in creating an environment that fosters serenity and contemplation, offering visitors a space for introspection and engagement with the exhibited content. This vision is achieved through a careful selection of design elements and materials that evoke a peaceful atmosphere.

Soft-toned materials play a pivotal role in setting the tone for the space, enveloping visitors in a gentle ambiance that encourages relaxation and reflection.

These materials are carefully juxtaposed to create contrast, adding depth and visual interest to the design without overpowering the essence of the space. Each element serves a purpose, contributing to the overall coherence and aesthetic appeal while allowing the focus to remain on the content being showcased.

In contrast to the serene atmosphere of the store, the bar and restaurant area offer a vibrant and dynamic experience. Here, a symphony of local colors, textures, and images converge to create a lively oasis that celebrates the cultural richness of the region. The design draws inspiration from the surrounding environment, incorporating elements that resonate with the local heritage and traditions.

Through a harmonious blend of design elements, the Diryha Biennale Store offers visitors a multifaceted experience that stimulates the senses and sparks curiosity. Whether seeking moments of tranquility or vibrant social interactions, the space caters to diverse needs and preferences, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a journey of exploration and discovery.

We are proud to have played a role in fostering the cultural development of this remarkable cultural space as we continue to grow alongside it.
Photos Courtesy of Shoayb Khattab

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